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Our peanut butter flavored CBD Bites for dogs weighing 10 lbs and over.

3.34 mg per bite with easy to administer amounts. No more breaking up treats, doing math and hoping you gave your dog the correct amount. Our bites have simple to follow amounts per dog weight.

We hand administer the CBD to each treat to ensure the proper amount. We purchase our CBD oil from one of the best companies in the US!


CBD has been known to help a variety of issues your dog may have including: anxiety, hyper activity, pain, inflammation, loss of appetite, arthritis, seizures, convulsions, anti-tumor effects, anti-nausea.

Ingredients: Spent Grain, *Brown Rice Flour, *Peanut Butter, *Eggs, *Hemp based CBD Oil, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin E Oil (*Organic)

42 Bites per Bag

Hemp derived CBD Bites - 10 lbs and OVER

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